PROF "Nametag" Purple Beanie
PROF "Nametag" Purple Beanie

PROF "Nametag" Purple Beanie

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Prof's new album, Horse, dropped on April 14th, and we're so excited to welcome you into this new era of PROF! The last few years have been tough - your mettle has been tested, the world has tried to dull your shine, but you made it and you've come out on the other end stronger than ever before. Take just a moment to rest on your laurels, then grab our hand as we enter into this spectacular new era - let's get to work! 💪

We've created a whole line of Horse merch to celebrate all of our achievements, including this royally awesome purple beanie with "PROF" embroidered on it. Everyone needs more purple in their wardrobe!

PLUS every Horse merch order comes with a free blue ribbon :) 

Embroidered on: SP12 Acrylic Beanie

Front: PROF Nametag Design

Check out the full Horse merch line HERE

Design by Les Cotton

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