PROF "Powderhorn Suites" CD
PROF "Powderhorn Suites" CD
PROF "Powderhorn Suites" CD

PROF "Powderhorn Suites" CD

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This second print of the Powderhorn Suites CD features a 32 page, ultra-lush liner booklet and stunning full color cd sleeve. There have been minor changes to the audio versus the first print, but nothing major. Cover art by Les Cotton, cover photo by Wes Eisenhauer. 

If you purchase the MP3 the files must be downloaded to a computer


  1. Check In 
  2. Squad Goals
  3. Animal Patrol
  4. Fire Lessons
  5. Cousins feat. Cashinova
  6. Geronimo
  7. Butterfly Knife
  8. Numbers feat. Muja Messiah & Taylor J
  9. Dead Man Shuffle
  10. Outside Baby
  11. Perfume
  12. Ain't We Rich
  13. Flower Boy
  14. The Ending
  15. Spellbound (The Beginning) 
  16. Karma Legend

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