PROF & ST. PAUL SLIM "Recession Music" CD
PROF & ST. PAUL SLIM "Recession Music" CD

PROF & ST. PAUL SLIM "Recession Music" CD

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In these trying times, executive producer Ant and your friends at Stophouse Music Group want to remind you that the best things in life are free. Presenting Recession Music, a critically acclaimed album featuring Prof and St. Paul Slim, the best and brightest of Midwest hip-hop. These modern day bootleggers display all that is good about Twin Cities’ hip hop on more than a dozen tasty homebrewed tracks. With input from Rhymesayer‘s Co-Founder Ant, Recession Music has become a piece of art Prof and Slim are proud to hang their bowlers on. These two up-and-coming rap superstars are further supported by the who’s-who of underground rap: Slug (Atmosphere), POS (Doomtree), Big Zach (Kanser), and Atlanta-based Yelawolf.

 Full Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Everybody Down
3. Horses In The Ghetto
4. Fire
5. My Heart Remix
6. Broadcasting ft. P.O.S
7. Demons Remix
8. Test Flight
9. Rocketman ft. Yelawolf
10. A Month From Now
11. Superstyle
12. Is This Mic On?
13. Marilyn
14. Kelly Kapowski ft. Slug and Big Zach
15. Motor

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